"Entering my fifties, I grew tired of shaving every day. Suckered in by laser hair removal's claims of quality results and low pain levels, I spent $600 elsewhere on Groupons for six treatments on my face, chin, and neck. Ten months later, I had only a 10% reduction in facial hair (mostly the darker ones), but plenty of unwanted folliculitis where my darker hair follicles were damaged subcutaneously by the laser. Something had to be done.

I visited Randi for a 15 minute electrolysis test session.
 Decided right then to buy a block of time and give it a try. Six months and many treatments down the road, all my dark hairs are gone, my face is 99.9% healed, no more teenager-face, and I can go 2-3 days without shaving, all without five o'clock shadow.

Randi is professional, effective, gentle, easy to talk to; I have even fallen asleep during treatments. Yeah, it stings a bit, but unlike laser, electrolysis actually works!"

                                                                 George (male)
​                                         _________

"Why didn't I do this years ago?  Continued plucking of facial stubble only made the hair more stubborn.

Randi knows her field of electrolysis thoroughly and is able to answer client's questions.  She is professional, yet she is also very caring.  She maintains confidentiality about her clients.  She knows her customers and gears each session to the individual.

Electrolysis is permanent.  I highly recommend Electrolysis by Randi.  IT WORKS!"
                                                           B.C.  (female, over 50)

"I have a medical condition called Hirsutism, which is a side effect of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  PCOS is a hormone imbalance. In my case I had excessive and very visible hair. 

Over the years, I tried several hair removal products and even laser hair removal.  Nothing removed the hair permanently.  In desperation I even started shaving it off, which made me feel even more embarrassed and self-conscience.  I finally decided to try electrolysis.  It was a long process, removing one hair at a time, but once removed it did not come back.  For the first time in my adult life I am not self conscience.  I am so grateful that I tried electrolysis and stuck with it , even when I felt impatient.  It has changed my life and self-image."

​                                                                  Sarah (female, 25-30)
​                                            _________

"As an actively-transitioning transgender female recently relocated to the Verde Valley from Phoenix, finding a skilled electrologist was paramount. Fortunately, I struck gold when I found Randi. She is skilled, gentle, fun, non-judgmental, and a genuine sweetie, sort of like a big sister. Spending two hours per week with her for months on end, those attributes are important! I recommend Randi to everyone, and especially want to let the Verde Valley and Flagstaff GLBTQ community know that she's awesome and a safe-zone. Give her a try!"

                                                       Lauren (female)
​                                              _________

"I suffer from the condition known as Polycystic Ovaries, and one side effect is the growth of coarse dark hairs on my face and neck.  Since starting electrolysis, I have seen a huge difference in the decrease of neck and facial hair.  

When I first started treatment I was going weekly, now I am down to once a month.  I have slight facial discomfort while the process is going on, then redness for about  20 minutes. 

I would recommend this procedure to anyone that wishes to have permanent hair removal.  It is a small commitment for something that last forever.

​                                                              Linda (female, over 40)

Randi's "Blend" method of electrolysis has resulted in remarkable improvement for me.  I went into the process with a great deal of unsightly facial hair.  Using this method, I had hardly any regrowth and we were able to remove virtually all the hair in a reasonable number of visits.  I found Randi to be a caring and professional electrolygist.  I am so happy, that I am considering eradication other body hair as well.  I had tried electrolysis in my teens with a less-than-perfect outcome, but this method really works!"
                                                                 G.E. (female, over 40)



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